Friday, August 11, 2006

Where Pigeons Rule

11 August 2006-
Red's Java House: Pier 30: At the Embarcadero and Bryant Street in San Francisco
Cost: $7.00 (bacon double-cheeseburger, fries extra)

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Red's Java House is located right on the water at Pier 30, where the end of Bryant meets the Embarcadero. It's been a popular lunch time spot at work, especially on sunny Fridays. One drawback to the location, however, is the abundance of pigeons and sea gulls that prey on food droppings and unguarded lunches on tables. Although known for their fish and chips, I've actually grown fond of their burgers.

Presentation definitely is not a selling point to the success and popularity of Red's, in my opinion. First, there's an overwhelming stench of vinegar that pervades the joint. Also, the outdoor patio, is ruled by birds, which does not promote proper sanitation and hygenic levels. With that said, the joint always seems to be crowded. It must be the view and perhaps the food.

While my office cohorts ordered the fish and chips, I ordered the double cheeseburger with bacon. There are certain code words that reflect specific condiment selection. I ordered the burger "deluxe", but later found it means "no mayo". I believe the highest condiment selection is "supreme" which reflects the mayo addition.

Verdict: There's no grilling preference option, burgers are usually provided to the customer within seconds of the order after sitting on the grill, waiting. The bun is a classic San Francisco sour dough roll. The cheese looks like a basic cheddar, but the fixings are nice and chewy, just the way I prefer them. The Red's burger doesn't normally come with any greenery, just pickles, onions and mustard. I thought the Red's burger (despite the presentation) was better than Zebulon. (Just my honest opinion).

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