Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Rosamunde's (Infamous) Cheeseburger Tuesdays

22 August 2006-
Rosamunde Sausage Grill~: 545 Haight Street in San Francisco
Cost: $5.50 (cheeseburger, fries not available)
~ Honorable Mention

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About a month ago (11 July 2006 to be exact), a coworker (fellow burger enthusiast) and I had planned on surveying Rosamunde's (infamous) Cheeseburger Tuesdays. Unfortunately, we didn't anticipate that the burgers would serve out by mid-afternoon. Amidst a month of deadlines, work-travel obligations and other circumstances, we postponed our visit until today. Also, this being the last week with my current employment, we made the special effort to embark on this excursion approximately 2.6 miles away (way outside the 2 block radius I am typically accustomed to). Have I mentioned I have the best coworkers (fellow burger enthusiasts) a burger blogger could ever hope for?

So we arrive at the joint at about 10 minutes past the opening, and already there was a substantial line. What was deceiving was that half of the orders were already taken by people waiting at the bar Toronado right next door. (By the way, the bar's got some 40 plus beer on tap, and apparently there's a system where the staff at Rosamunde's will walk over and shout your name when your order is ready).

We ended up receiving our order at least a half hour later. But during the wait, we had the chance to observe the systematic production line of these one-day-a-week burgers, as well as smell some of the most delicious beefy-meaty smells one could imagine.

Verdict: I ordered two cheeseburgers (there were no fries and bacon available; remember Rosamunde's is actually just a gourmet sausage stand that serves out burgers only on Tuesdays during lunch); one for documentation and one for the road since the seating is quite scarce.

The patty is quite immense, and the ground chuck is grilled a perfect medium-rare (although there is no grilling preference option) and the taste is quite flavorful. There were some excellent spices in the burger, which one might expect from a sausage, but not necessarily a burger patty. Rosamunde's also serves up probably the most delicious grilled onions I've ever experienced in my life.

My only gripe was that the buns weren't toasted enough on either burger. Otherwise, an excellent burger. Definitely, highly recommended. Unfortunately, the Tuesday-only burger policy is not convenient during the work week.

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