Sunday, August 06, 2006


6 August 2006-
Father's Office: 1018 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica
Cost: $13.00 (Office Burger with fries)

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I happened to be in the Los Angeles area this weekend. Prior to my trip, I asked a coworker, (fellow burger enthusiast) of any good burger recommendations in LA. It turns out, good is an understatement in describing the burger at Father's Office in Santa Monica.

I arrived to the spot a couple of hours before my returning flight to the Bay Area. A line of about 20 plus were waiting patiently to enter the joint. With the rate of movement in the line, I probably would never have gotten seated, ordered, and still made my return flight. Luckily, take-out was a viable option. I ordered an "Office Burger" made from Dry Aged Beef; consists of caramelized onion, applewood bacon compote, gruyere, matag blue cheese and arugula. Of course, I tried to order a bacon cheeseburger, but was told there would be no substitutions or deletions. The only thing that I could specify was the grilling preference. I ordered a "medium-rare" based on the staff's recommendation.

Verdict: This burger's got "style", meaning it's pretty unique and individualistic. It's served on a toasted roll instead of a bun; it's loaded with arugula instead of lettuce; the bacon is deconstructed into compote; and the chuck resembles more like a sloppy-joe than other grounded chucks I've ever surveyed. The fries are very unique too; and served with high quality ranch - LA style!

Definitely highly recommended, but as a burger purist, it's a shame that I couldn't request a plain old bacon cheeseburger without the bbq sauce seasoned chuck. According to, the Office Burger isn't exactly a "burger"; and I tend to agree with this conclusion. It's more of a sloppy-joe / hamburger-helper type of sandwich. But I don't mean to diminish the taste in this comparison. It's really a delight for the taste-buds!


Margaret said...

Hamburger Helper burgers are quite tasty in a pinch. Have you tried a Big Boy Burger yet? I haven't been to the CA myself, but many friends who I know are going gaga over this Big Boy Restaurant's 1/2lb Burger. Keep an eye out for it.

burgerfan said...

I recently had a Big Boy double cheeseburger here in Las Vegas, and it was right down there with the most disgusting food I've ever tasted. YMMV. Apparently the original outlet (somewhere in L.A.) is still good.