Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sumo Burger

16 August 2006-
Oishii Cafe: 388 Market Street in San Franciso
Cost: $6.25 (cheese burger, fries included)

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I heard of Oishii Cafe's "Sumo Burger" through a few people recently, including a couple of coworkers (fellow burger enthusiasts), whose opinions about burgers I usually respect. I read somewhere that there are two locations in downtown San Francisco. I accidentally found this location, which happens to be a "stand" with no seating and a limited menu. I ordered the Sumo Burger with cheese and fries with the grilling preference "rare". By the way, Oishii's is more of a Japanese snacks type place. Apparently, there was no bacon option.

First, I just want to note that I'm not a huge fan of double-sided mayo on a burger. A lot of mayonnaise will tend to ooze out and get all over your hands, and requires a lot of napkins on hand. Also, the double-sided mayo may also make the patty slip out of the bun if one's not careful when initially handling the burger.

Verdict: I was pretty famished by the time I brought the burger back to the office. When I took my first zealous bite, the patty slid out the back (from the double-sided mayo application) and I chomped on a big piece of bun and fixings. Afterwards, the bun to patty / fixings ratio was inadequate and I ended up eating the majority of the mayo soaked patty without the fixings nor the bun.

However, I actually thought that the patty was fairly decent. Unfortunately, the untoasted bun and the overloaded mayonnaise ruined the overall experience. The fries were incredibly poor tasting as well. I felt like I was eating short-bread or a pastry rather than french-fried potatoes. I'll probably sample the other location at a later date.

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