Monday, August 21, 2006

What am I doing in Pleasant Hill?

21 August 2006-
Fatburger: 100 Crescent Drive Unit A in Pleasant Hill
Cost: $6.35 (bacon cheeseburger, fries extra)

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I grew up loving Fatburger when I was living in Southern California. When I learned there was a Bay Area location recently (earlier this afternoon as a matter of fact), I made some serious plans to drive over to Pleasant Hill for some dinner burger-action after work.

Fatburger's got a cult-like following, not dissimilar to In-N-Out. However, in my opinion, I have always regarded Fatburger as the superior burger to In-N-Out. I vividly recall the melt-in-your-mouth ground chuck patties, a savory delight for the taste buds, dripping with burger juice and unbeatable fries. Hoping to relive these experiences, I ordered a 1/3 lb. patty bacon cheeseburger combo with "everything" - includes all toppings: Mustard - Relish - Onions - Pickles - Tomato - Lettuce - Mayo (1/2 lb. patties are also available). In retrospect, I probably should have specified everything except mustard. Of course I topped it off with the requisite bacon and cheese. I was surprised that they didn't ask for grilling preference, but I trusted them to make it good.

Verdict: I thought the patty was way over-cooked to my liking; a little dry and required more chewing than I remembered about the patties from past experiences. Also, the bun wasn't toasted enough. The bacon and other fixings were crunchy; but again, I wouldn't have specified mustard if I knew it was one of the condiment choices. I was pretty disappointed with tonight's Fatburger. Although, I think my standards have just gone up recently. I'll try it again, and will post the results.


christina said...

omg, i *love* fatburger! i grew up with them, too. i had no idea they had one in pleasant hill. hm...i'm a little wary.

burgerfan said...

For a better Fatburger, specify "on the char"--that way they charbroil it rather than grill. Also, you do need to specify doneness--their default is "incinerate".

Great burger blog!