Friday, August 04, 2006

Ghetto Crappy

4 August 2006-
1/4 lb Giant Burger:
Terminal 1 Oakland International Airport
Cost: $8.25 (bacon cheeseburger, fries included)

Image Source: blogger's own

I noticed everyone else in the restaurant had their burgers served on trays. I wonder why they served me my burger and fries in a styrofoam to-go container? What was I going to do, go back home and eat it? I had no time, I had to catch my flight to LA in a half hour. Didn't they see that I had my luggage with me? Don't they understand that the styrofoam containers aren't good for photo documenting burgers?? Maybe, that was just their intent; and they succeeded.

I remember distinctly having a very flavorable discussion about the thickness of the bacon at the Oakland Airport's Giant Burger with a coworker (fellow burger enthusiast). The bacon is darn thick, and tasty too. The burger on the other hand, was pretty ghetto-crappy tasting. Oh, wait, what a coincidence! It tasted very similar to the Nation's Giant Burger survey. Wow, is there any relationship between these two chains? I'm very confused about the similarity in their names.

Verdict: The bacon was definitely the highlight of this burger experience. The fries were pretty darn greasy.

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