Thursday, August 31, 2006

Loads of Fixings

31 August 2006-
Fat Apple's: 1346 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in North Berkeley
Cost: $8.10 (bacon cheeseburger, onion rings extra)

Image Source: blogger's own

Image Source: blogger's own

Fat Apple's typically gets way crowded for weekend brunch. Today I arrived at a hair before noon, and managed to get a decent table. Shortly afterwards though, the clientele just seemed to start flocking in. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with their longhorn cheddar and a side of onion rings. Apparently their default grilling preference is medium-well, therefore I opted for a "medium-rare" instead.

Verdict: The meal was initially served without the requisite bacon. After I requested it, the staff piled a pretty significant stack of bacon on a plate. I was also very impressed by the loads of fixings: the mound of cheddar was enormous, three plump tomato slices, three full bermuda onion chops, a couple of long lettuce leaves, thoroughly toasted buns, did I mention the huge stack of bacon?

The patty was only decent, but still pretty good. It was cooked pretty rare, to my liking. The loads of fixings really set the meal straight. Yes, those are onion rings, and they're absolutely fabulous.


C-nuh said...

Looks damn good!

gropo said...

Sho duz!