Thursday, August 17, 2006

Across the Street

17 August 2006-
Town Hall~: 342 Howard Street in San Francisco
Cost: $14.00 (bacon cheeseburger, fries included)
~ Honorable Mention

Image Source: blogger's own

I actually think Town Hall is closer than Spazio Soma Cafe to my office. However, due to the formality of this dining establishment, I've only visited it for special occasions. Today, I dined with a fellow college colleague, and future burger enthusiast coworker for some serious burger business at Town Hall.

We both ordered burgers, which really pleased my enthusiasm. Specifically, I ordered the burger with fontina cheese and requested bacon to accompany my burger; as for my grilling preference, I requested "rare".

Verdict: I probably should have taken a cross-section, but due to the inadequate natural light levels, I decided to keep my photo-documentation to a minimum. Nevertheless, the burger was pretty juicy. Really, really fine quality ingredients overall. The bacon was tremendous. However, the bun although toasted, lacked the structural integrity for a burger patty of this magnitude. I still ate it whole, without utensils, but I would opt for either a more toasted bun, or a larger bun.

My first Town Hall burger experience was last winter holiday - 2005. The coworkers I was with (fellow burger enthusiasts) all ordered burgers too. The burger was served with square toasted focaccia bread of the finest quality. It was delicious.

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