Thursday, August 10, 2006

"Non-Structural" Bread

10 August 2006-
Zebulon: 83 Natoma in San Francisco
Cost: $7.95 (avocado bacon cheeseburger with swiss, fries extra)

Image Source: blogger's own

Just wanted to note that I've got the some of the greatest coworkers (fellow burger enthusiasts) a burger blogger could ever hope for. On a moments notice, a handful of us walked to Zebulon, a local lounge / bar that happens to serve burgers and sandwiches during lunch - all within a 2 block radius of work. We left early to beat the crowd and we all ordered burgers, now that's some serious enthusiasm. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger "rare" with swiss, but the order came with avocado; though I didn't request it.

Verdict: I think we all had gripes about today's bread, more-so than the actual patty and fixings. The Zebulon bun is a very unique roll, but they don't toast it. This oversight tends to lead to a non-structural* handling experience, and therefore diminishes the experience of the burger. Otherwise, the quality of the meat, the grilling preference adherence, fixings and bacon are pretty average. Not an extremely note-worthy experience, but the great ambiance and interior decor make Zebulon a consistent work-lunchtime spot.

* Just when I've run out of adjectives, a coworker (fellow burger enthusiast) offered the word choice "non-structural" to describe the inadequacy of the integrity of the bun at Zebulon's.

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