Friday, August 04, 2006


4 August 2006-
Bistro Burger: 201 Mission Street in San Francisco
Cost: $6.59 (niman ranch bacon cheeseburger, fries extra)

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I have this to say about Bistro Burger. Same name, different burgers at all of their locations. I don't think the burgers at each restaurant are consistent by any means. Based on my recollection, the joint in downtown Oakland is by far, the best. This location, within the 2 block radius of work, usually gets packed, but it's an inferior burger in comparison.

I ordered a "bacon cheeseburger royale" with provolone. Whilst the franchise does offer a variety of cheeses, there's no grilling preference option. It's also not my preference to have a burger served without any condiments. Mayo, which is my burger condiment of choice, came in squeezable packages. I squirted a couple of servings of Hellman's and dove into my burger. The patty was grilled at a decent medium, with adequate burger juices. But there was an unfortunate generic mayo after taste with every juicy bite. Plus, the bun wasn't toasted enough.

Verdict: Although it's niman ranch, it's not a very favorable burger experience. I'm going to start reviewing each location separately because I think the name and the reputation that goes along with it, deserves a second chance.


Margaret said...

Line cook could have been having a bad day. Surely, go check out the others. I found that is the case often.

burgerfan said...

The locations do vary somewhat (I've tried most). So far, I've found the one at 21 Drumm (across from the Hyatt Regency) to be the most consistent. 333 Bush is good too. The SF Centre one is not so good. Bistro is my favorite B.A. burger so far, although I plan to try some that have been reviewed here.