Sunday, July 30, 2006

What's the Hype?

30 July 2006-
Burger Joint: 700 Haight Street in San Francisco
Cost: $7.95 (niman ranch cheeseburger, fries included)

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There's been so much hype regarding Burger Joint that when I was leaving the Haight / Ashbury after an afternoon of shopping and passed by, I decided to indulge on my second burger of the day. Granted, this isn't the original Burger Joint on Valencia, but I would still expect the same level of quality at this second location; especially since other burger blogs have rated it as one of the top burgers in the nation.

First of all, their menu doesn't even include a bacon cheeseburger, and there's no grilling preference option. I inquired about the grilling preference, and was informed that all burgers are served medium unless otherwise specified. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with swiss and fries. I figured these guys know what they're doing, so I left it as the default, "medium".

Verdict: I wasn't too impressed by the medium burger. I probably should have specified something a little more rare, unfortunately it was pretty dry. Also, the bun was only lightly toasted, definitely not toasted enough. As far as I'm concerned, a place that doesn't toast their buns isn't even worth nominating for the best burger awards. Either the authors of these blogs that give Burger Joint such high ratings are simply clueless; or simply, I think the authors of these blogs are simply clueless. Take it from a local burger enthusiast, there are way better burgers in the bay area.

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