Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Good Sandwich, Bad Burger

4 July 2006-
Gio's on the Go: 439 Water Street at Jack London Square in Oakland
Cost: $5.50 (cheeseburger, fries not available)

Image Source: blogger's own

I had intended on reviewing Jack's Bistro on July 4th, but unfortunately, they had a special dinner menu that night. I went across the ways to Gio's on the Go (a much less pretentious indoor/outdoor cafe). On warm sunny days, they set up a BBQ, and today's festivities were no exception. (As a matter of fact, even on cold rainy days they set up a BBQ...) I ordered a cheeseburger, and this is what I got.

What you see is what you get. No toasted bun, no power-packed flavor, no burger juices. It was dry, tasteless and uninspiring.

Yearning for "the best sandwich ever", I moseyed indoors and ordered the No. 1; "The Call of the Wild", Gio's version of a pastrami-roast beef sandwich loaded with custom fixings and special sauce.

Cost: $6.95 (note: other half not shown)

Image Source: blogger's own

Just for the record, I'm not planning to start including sandwich reviews on this blog; but this panini at Gio's deserves some attention and recognition. It's simply delightful, and everything a good tasting sandwich ought to strive for: toasted bun, quality meat, special sauce and packed with flavor. The bread is so soft, toasty and chewy, and it doesn't cut up the roof of your mouth like other rolls.

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