Tuesday, July 11, 2006

After Work Burger Binge

11 July 2006-
Flipper's: 482 Hayes Street in San Francisco
Cost: $8.75 (bacon cheeseburger, fries included)

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A coworker (fellow burger enthusiast) and I had planned on hitting up Rosamunde's (infamous) Cheeseburger Tuesdays after work today. In fact, we had been planning on going ever since I found out about the place back in May, National Burger Month (look out for an upcoming review). At the last minute we discovered that it's really only a lunch time thing (apparently, they usually serve out their burgers by early afternoon). So instead, relying off my boss's burger recommendation, we decided to hit up Flipper's in Hayes Valley.

Flipper's burger menu consists of some 20 burger combinations, all for around the 9 dollar price range. Possible toppings range from beets to bacon, teriyaki sauce to tofu. I ordered a Big Flipper (a 1/2 lb. ground chuck patty; normal size is 1/3 lb.) bacon cheeseburger with jack, - "medium-rare" and a side of steak fries. All burger combinations can be substituted with chicken, turkey, garden or a tofu patty as an alternative.

Note: a plain ol' bacon cheeseburger (which is the norm for me) was a customized order that they didn't have listed on their standard menu.

Verdict: My expectations were high for the burger at Flipper's. The fries were incredibly crispy and tasty. In contrast, the burger and bun were soggy and tasteless. The ground chuck didn't seem that seasoned or marinated. The lettuce and tomato were also soft and limp. The bun was only lightly toasted, definitely not enough for a burger patty of this magnitude. In other words, there wasn't enough structural integrity in the patty, bun, or fixings. It was pretty soggy and bland.... unfortunately.

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Julia said...


I just heard about your blog tonight and haven't read all your posts but wanted to tell you about Bullshead in West Portal..you've probably already been there. But they have amazing burgers, choice of buffalo or beef.