Saturday, July 22, 2006

Beer and Burgers

22 July 2006-
Pacific Coast Brewing Co.:
906 Washington Street in Old Oakland
Cost: $11.00 (bacon cheeseburger, fries included)

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Pacific Coast Brewing Co's got over 20 beers on draft. Of course, most of them are their own, that's still more beers on draft compared to other places in the area. I always enjoy the laid back atmosphere there; it's nice to watch sports or hang out in the outdoor patio, and they even have free wi-fi in case you want to get your drink on while surfing the web (computers not included). Also, the people that work there, as well as the regulars at the bar really know about beer, they're true beer enthusiasts.

Today I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with swiss - "medium-rare". As you may already be aware, I'd typically order burgers "rare", coincidentally coinciding with the commencement of this blog; but it just takes one bad experience like Fuddruckers and Beale Street to really make me hesitant about ordering a "rare" burger at places I review for the first time. I got a pretty decent burger today, I must say I was pretty impressed. Although the burger itself was cooked a little longer than I prefer, it was still a tasty burger. The buns were toasted just perfectly, and the fries were very chewy and crispy.

Verdict: I had a pretty enjoyable burger experience; the mayo and fixings complemented the taste very favorably. The quality beers on top of my order made my lunch very pleasant. What really stood out about the burger was the double-sided sesame bun, toasted to perfection.

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