Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Big Ass (Burger)

26 July 2006-
Brickhouse Cafe & Bar**: 426 Brannan Street in San Francisco
Cost: $9.95 (wagyu beef bacon cheeseburger, fries included)
** Denotes gmeow76's previous top reviewed burger

Image Source: blogger's own (26 July 2006)

Image Source: blogger's own (cross section updated 18 August 2006)

Based on a coworker's (fellow burger enthusiast) friend's recommendation, I joined another coworker (fellow burger enthusiast) for lunch at the Brickhouse Cafe & Bar in SOMA, San Francisco. The distance from work way exceeded my 2 block radius, but it was a "best burger ever" recommendation, and I certainly didn't want to pass up the opportunity.

Brickhouse Cafe & Bar serves up 100% Wagyu Beef ground chuck burgers. I ordered the "Big Ass Burger", which consists of a 10 ounce patty - bacon cheeseburger with swiss grilled "medium-rare" and a side of fries.

The burger photographed very well. I ended up using up all my camera memory taking shots - and even drew some attention from the staff. I assured them that I knew what I was doing, but I think I made them a little uneasy (sorry guys). I was with a couple of fast eaters (plus I lost time taking pictures), so I dove into my burger before working on the fries, regrettably.

Verdict: Burger juices galore - I've never seen such flowing juices before. It required me to finish off the fries using a fork, my plate was so full of juices. Brickhouse Cafe & Bar serves up quality, juicy wagyu, loaded with fixings on a toasted bun. The quality of meat was outstanding, a very enjoyable-refined burger that is highly recommended.


Karnov said...

Sounds like quite a meal that makes me wish I was there.

gropo said...

Don't forget to order chesse on your "Big Ass." I suggest onion rings in place of fries for only $1.50

Anonymous said...

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