Sunday, December 17, 2006

Soggy but Good

17 December 2006-
Burgermeister: 86 Carl Street in San Francisco
Cost: $8.75 (niman ranch bacon cheeseburger, fries included)

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Those who know me, know that a burger bun's "structural integrity" is an important criterion of a "good" burger, in my opinion. First, there's the issue of etiquette; and then there's the sloppiness factor to consider; plus there's also taste. Ideally, there's a perfect balance of these considerations and more to take into account. I'm not going to go into specifics to detail the evaluation process, but I'll just summarize by saying that there's a nebulous "subjective" factor that also comes into play which may appear to contradict the aforementioned "objective" analysis.

If "burgers" are my "comfort-food", then Burgermeister's interior decor definitely emulates what I consider to be "comfortable". The locations I've visited all seem to have warm, wood interiors, with the cozy feeling of an English tavern. In addition to serving up Niman Ranch meat, they also have Dreyer's shakes and a handful of quality beers on tap.

Verdict: Consistency, is what I've grown to expect at Burgermeister. Expect to loosen a notch on your belt as you engulf a hearty and soggy burger with a Dreyer's shake. Although the bun isn't toasted to my exacting specifications, the burger maintains integrity. As the title suggests, the Burgermeister burger is soggy but good - just don't put it down when you're eating it.

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