Monday, December 18, 2006

Enthusiastic Burger Discussion

18 December 2006-
Louie's Bar and Grill: 55 Stevenson Street in San Francisco
Cost: $8.00 (bacon cheeseburger, fries included)

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Often I'll go out with some coworkers, fellow burger enthusiasts, on a lunch outing to survey burgers. But since I recently started a new job, it's been somewhat difficult to discern the burger interest level among my peers. With that said, six other coworkers go out to lunch intending to grab some Yank Sing Dim Sum. The place is crowded and we don't have a reservation. We head over two storefronts down to Louie's Bar and Grill. We all order burgers. What are the chances?

I've noticed a direct correlation between burger enthusiasts and enthusiastic burger discussion. Often the two go hand in hand, one hand on the burger, of course. Actually there's little else that can please my heart other than some candid, enthusiastic burger discussion.

Louie's is a hole in the wall on Stevenson Street, an alley South of Market (SOMA). It's actually a bar, but they serve food during lunch time. Louie's is also within the two block radius from work, so I was anxious to have the opportunity to sample the burger.

Verdict: The burger discussion awaiting the burger order was certainly enthusiastic, in my opinion. I wish we could have carried the momentum, but the review goes downhill after the first bite. It was certainly delicious at first. One could really taste the charbroiled patty and a nicely toasted bun. However, I thought that my patty was on the dry side, maybe a medium. My coworker, fellow burger enthusiast friend, who also ordered a bacon cheeseburger had a different review. In happenstance, he ordered a bacon cheeseburger with "medium" as the grilling preference, while I too ordered the bacon cheeseburger with the requisite "medium-rare" as the grilling preference. Coincidentally, he thought it was cooked a perfect medium-rare.

Seven coworkers walk into a bar and all order burgers with different combinations and grilling preference requests. What are the chances that the wait staff might mix up an order or two? I'm going to have to give Louie's another survey at a later date, next time with a more controlled surveying environment.

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