Saturday, December 16, 2006

Crispy and Crunchy

16 December 2006-
100 Berkeley Square in downtown Berkeley
Cost: $4.19 (bacon cheeseburger, fries extra)

Image Source: blogger's own

Pollo's is in between the downtown Berkeley BART Station, and the Cutaway: 1985 Shattuck Avenue, my regular spot for cutting hair over the past few years. As far as I'm concerned, the Cutaway has a couple of the most talented hair stylists on this side of the Bay, and charges very reasonable prices. Anyway, back to the survey...

Pollo's sign reads: "Burritos, Burgers, BBQ Chicken and More". I don't frequent Pollo's often, but on this particular Saturday afternoon, I decided to revisit the diner. There's a substantial varied menu mounted on the wall at the entry that doesn't appear to have changed over the past few decades, and reflects pre-inflated prices.

I ordered the bacon cheeseburger, fries unfortunately are not included. If I recall correctly, a single patty burger is around the three dollar range, which stacks up to be one of the most reasonably priced burgers in my survey. Because of the range of cuisine, everything is made to order, and for better or worse, the order took a little longer than I expected.

Verdict: When it was time, the cook personally brought out the order, and I was pretty impressed by the wholesome presentation, especially the piping hot and crispy fries. The burger was stacked with fixings, but as one can presume from the picture, the patty was meager and of the thin variety.

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of tomatoes on a burger, but the tomatoes on the Pollo's burger were fresh and crisp. The slices were also cut in half, and were plentiful and quite delicious. The other fixings were fresh, and the bun also nicely toasted. Despite the thin over cooked patty, the burger was wholesome, and fresh.

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