Friday, November 16, 2007

Farewell Burger Comrade

16 November 2007-
Palomino: 345 Spear Street in San Francisco
Cost: $10.50 (bacon cheeseburger, fries included)

Image Source: blogger's own

Today was Part Two of the two part farewell lunch series for my dear friend, and best burger commentator, a burger blogger could ever hope for. I wanted to make it special, and decided on Palomino along the SF Embarcadero. I used to recall that the crescent shaped dining room used to have the best views to the Bay Bridge, but recent construction of a couple of restaurants along the water now block any and all views.

There were two burger versions on today's menu which really threw my decision making off. There was the normal lunch burger and a kobe burger variant with very special tempura fries. The burger enthusiasts in the group all order the regular burger, and there may have been one or two variants in the bunch who ordered something other than burgers. Honestly, I was a little shocked, since this was supposed to be a special burger survey finale.

Verdict: As mentioned, there were two burger presentations at Palomino. We envied the Kobe burger version (which cost twice the regular) at other tables seated around us. Regrettably, we all wished we had ordered the other version. The regular version was just okay. What turned me off was the chopped lettuce, the overly dry and salty fries.

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