Saturday, February 10, 2007

Staple Diet for Students

10 February 2007-
Smokehouse: 3115 Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley
Cost: $4.20 (double cheeseburger, fries extra)

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I recall the days, when I used to live within walking distance of Smokehouse on the North Oakland and Berkeley border. Smokehouse became the staple of my starving-student diet. Burgers were about two dollars and change, and fries were about a dollar and change. Buns were always toasted perfectly, and the fries were consistently always battered perfectly and served piping hot. The patties seemed like your plain-jane quarter pound patties, but they were charbroiled on an open flame, with melted cheese and a very efficient way that document customizable condiments on your order. But you had to put up with a lot of factors that I've seem to outgrown.

Among them are the drunks, the crackheads, and the slimy/sticky seating decor. The experience of eating at Smokehouse is kind of like eating inside one of those "self-cleaning" toilets they have in San Francisco where they hose down the room after you leave and make a mess. When I go, I prefer the sunny days when there's an option to sit outside and bask in their lawn eating a burger like it was a summer BBQ.

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