Friday, January 26, 2007

Kid Friendly

26 January 2007-
Mo's Grill: 772 Folsom Street overlooking Yerba Buena Playground in San Francisco
Cost: $7.75 (angus bacon cheeseburger, fries extra)

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On this cold, rainy, Friday afternoon, four coworkers, evidently all serious burger or just fries-and-shake enthusiasts walked over to the southwestern edge of Yerba Buena Gardens to survey Mo's Grill for some lunch time burger action. My expectations were a little low, tainted by my last visit a while back. I witnessed my server floss and pick her teeth with her nails for a few minutes before delivering my food to me. Nevertheless, I was determined to give Mo's another try.

There were a heck of a lot of kids in this section of Yerba Buena Gardens, outside of the Zeum Complex. Even on the cold, rainy, January afternoon, there were tons of them outside playing in the rain. Inside at Mo's, there were also tons of children seated with adults. I think it's probably the most kids I've seen at a restaurant at one time. I've deduced that Mo's seems like a kid-friendly restaurant offering a wide range of burger entrees for the adults and a generous menu kids probably really enjoy. Plus, it's practically the only restaurant with indoor seating at Zeum.

We all ordered burgers with different combinations. I, the requisite bacon cheeseburger, this time with their imported swiss cheese, grilled "medium-rare" and a side of fries. The Angus patties are flame-broiled, and pickles are available upon request.

Verdict: At first, I was a little distraught by the bun to patty ratio (see picture above). There were a good seven bites of strictly bun before I eventually bit into the patty. The bun, seemingly untoasted, was hardened on the outside but incredibly chewy and tasty on the inside. I also noticed a considerable amount of burger juices when eating the burger. I would definitely rate Mo's an enjoyable, and delectable experience.

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