Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bun Petting

17 January 2007-
Burger Gourmet: 101 Spear Street #A13 in San Francisco
Cost: $8.45 (niman ranch bacon cheeseburger, fries and soda included)

Image Source: blogger's own

There's a Burger Gourmet in Oakland that I've been meaning to review, but there's also this Burger Gourmet in San Francisco's Rincon Center. Rincon Center food court has a wide selection of lunch eateries in the South of Market / Embarcadero business district. I doubt the two are related.

Burger Gourmet has a wide selection of burger combinations, offers a variety of cheeses and combo meals. It's efficiently quick service for lunches on the go. The open kitchen allows one to keep tabs on the cooks in the preparation process. This time, I was ogling the bun toasting process, waiting for my order to complete.

From what I had observed, Burger Gourmet utilizes a two-grill system; one grill for the burger patties (grilled to request), and the other for toasting the buns. The staff handling the buns, literally had a handle on my buns. While the separate bun toasting grill is clearly operating at a lower temperature, one member of the cook staff was petting my buns repetitively, as if to monitor the toasting process every five seconds or so.

Verdict: The first thing I checked was the bun toastiness, or the lack there-of. It was clear that the cook had some weird bun petting fetish, rather than monitoring the task at hand. Also, even though the burger patty was quite juicy and the fixings fresh, the burger was pretty average. However, the bun really let the burger down, in my opinion. And I'll never forget that guy and the way he handled my buns.

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