Sunday, June 25, 2006

Midnight Snack

24 June 2006-
Merritt Restaurant and Bakery: 203 E. 18th Street in Oakland (at Lake Merritt)
Cost: $9.95 (bacon cheeseburger, includes fries or salad)

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I got a late start on Saturday, and ate a really late lunch, and consequently decided to eat a really late dinner.

After checking out the pirate drive-in sponsored by; a documentary about the Oakland A's and Raiders and revitalized about how much I love living in Oakland.. I walked around the lake to Merritt Restaurant and Bakery. I've only eaten there once before about six years ago, and I may have ordered a burger that one visit as well. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and a side macaroni salad. I think if I just ordered the burger alone, it would have been 6 dollars, but instead it costed $9.95 with a side.

They serve a thin 1/4 lb. patty caked with mayo, and loaded with greenery. I think my lettuce actually weighed more than the patty, and they provided pickles which covered the area of the toasted bun, which is thoughtful.

Is this a grade A burger joint? Lake Merritt Restaurant and Bakery has a stronger reputation as a 24 hour dining establishment that serves consistent 'diner' food and has a wide selection of desserts. I was ogling the strawberry short cake in the display case which was more of a stacked layer cake (not that I'm a dessert person, but it caught my eye). A thin patty doesn't lend itself to a grade A burger joint (except for the burgers at Smokehouse in Berkeley (in my opinion)), but nonetheless it was a pleasant burger experience with enough flavor to satisfy my hunger.

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