Thursday, June 15, 2006

Introduction to Bay Area Burgers

Finally, after much hype and anticipation, or over-hype and over-anticipation, I've decided to suck in my gut and start my personal blog - about burgers.

The blog is still in its initial stages. I hope to gather and post images with my entries, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling, and prove to the skeptics that I'm the real deal. In the past, some people have questioned my rating system, or disclaimed my consistency, but I just want to step up to the plate (literally) and prove once and for all that maybe I'm "up for the challenge" and emphasize the "this guy is really serious maybe we should listen and respect his opinion" mentality.


gropo said...

Yummy Yow

TV Wife said...

Bless you for this public service.

I'll be running the Nike Women's marathon in October and I fully expect to know where the yummiest, fattiest, rarest burger in San Francisco is located.

C-nuh said...


Some Burger for thought:
These are issues that I find important that you may or may not want to incorporate them in your reviews/analysis:

Grilled vs, charbroiled
Patty thickness/weight
Meat quality: Niman R./ Angus/ Kobe
Condiments: Grilled onions/ A1/ relish/ soy sauce/ crack...
Bun Type: Egg/Seeded/Kaiser
Bun Toasted/grilled or not.
Types of cheeses offered:

Fry size/shape and crispiness scale

Chain size
Pub. Trans. proximity