Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ranchers in SF

8 July 2008-
Prather Ranch Booth: Ferry Building Tuesday Farmer's Market
Cost: $8.00 (cheeseburger, fries not available)
Image Source: blogger's own

Every Tuesday, the San Francisco farmer's market is in full effect at the Ferry Building. The weather was beautiful, so my burger crew braved the weather on this gorgeous July afternoon. I've been eating at the Prather Ranch booth at the farmer's market for several years now, but have always forgotten to bring the proper photo documentation device. Equipped with my digital elf, I approached the Prather Ranch booth. However, today, I noticed that the booth raised their prices.

There's no grilling preference, but the fellows at Prather Ranch run the booth with an open charcoal, flaming grill. They offer an array of "organic, sustainable, humane, pasture raised" meats. They even have buffalo burgers and use ACME breads for their buns.

Verdict: Today's Prather Ranch burger was their best since I started frequenting this Farmer's Market a few years ago. The patty was pretty juicy and tender, the bun, although untoasted was pretty tasty. Unfortunately, the booth was lacking in condiments as they typically are, and it's also unfortunate that they don't have sufficient dedicated seating.

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