Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Default is Medium-Rare

7 July 2008-
Inn Kensington Restaurant: 293 Arlington Avenue in Kensington
Cost: $7.50 (cheeseburger, salad or soup included)

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Before today, I've never really had the opportunity to explore Kensington in the Bay Area. My gosh, am I impressed! In fact, I think I want to move here if I ever decide to move away from urban, city-life for suburban, single-family home life. Inn Kensington Restaurant was recommended by another burger enthusiast recently. I decided to survey it on my day off from work.

When I asked my server who seems to also be the owner, whether they cook to specific grilling preference, he responded "standard is medium-rare". With e. coli, mad-cow and other health-safety concerns, this is quite unprecedented for a burger establishment to claim. However, since I'm all for it, I smiled back and ordered it standard.

Verdict: The first few bites were great. The patty was thick and juicy, but a little singed and burnt like bbq standards. But the kaiser roll, wasn't toasted, and started to break apart towards the middle of the experience. I knife-and-forked the rest of the burger like a steak. Because I had a side-salad, the meal kind of turned into a burger salad. The quality was alright, but as my readership may know, a non-toasted bun which lacks structural integrity can't really compete.

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