Saturday, October 06, 2007

Mixed Reviews

5 October 2007-
21st Amendment: 563 Second Street in San Francisco
Cost: $11.45 (niman ranch bacon cheeseburger, onion hoops extra)

Image Source: blogger's own

Once upon a time, I came to 21st Amendment with an old coworker, fellow burger enthusiast and had a really good, chewy burger; except I failed to bring along the proper photo documentation device. A year later, I came back, except this time, with over six coworkers, and I'm not even sure half of these coworkers were even that into burgers in the first place. In fact, although they were all quite enthusiastic, they were also fairly new to the area, and seemed more distracted by the newness of the environment and weren't able to objectively, and earnestly critique the burger to critical standards, in my opinion.

Anyway, while several of them were boasting on how good their burgers tasted, I was quite dismayed by how inconsistent my previous burger tasted to my present survey.

Verdict: This bacon cheeseburger was distinctly different from my previous bacon cheeseburger, though I am almost positive that I ordered both burgers exactly the same, with the requisite bacon and cheese of my preference; cooked "medium-rare". This burger was prepared with a special, caramelized onion garnish with parsely or some exotic herbs that I couldn't quite discern. In anycase, this garnish was more of a distraction than a complement to the burger experience.

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Julie said...

Amazing presentation! thumbs up!