Friday, September 21, 2007

Chopped Lettuce

21 September 2007-
Royal Exchange: 301 Sacramento Street in San Francisco
Cost: $10.85 (bacon cheeseburger, fries included)

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Royal Exchange boasts a large selection of beers on tap, and can be quite an action-packed, after-work, drinking-spot according to the locals and the business types in the San Francisco financial district. Lunch is no exception on a Friday, however, I was surprised that today's group of coworkers, fellow burger enthusiasts were able to snatch a booth with no wait. Again, I suggested we travel a little outside the two block radius from work in order to sample this new spot, but there were less of us today and I thought we'd be able to make it.

It seemed like an exercise in restraint and discipline, to be surrounded by so much alcohol, and not order a beer to go with the bar food. I'm sure we were all thinking that we could probably get away with a Heinekin Light or Sam Adams Light and no one would even get phased.

Anyway, Royal Exchange, which caters to the financial business types, has a full menu which is named according to business jargon. They serve up "blue chip" burgers, while their salads are referred to as "greenbacks" on their menu. In any case, there's basically two sizes of patties, the "Bear Market" is 1/3 lb. and the "Bull Market" is 1/2 lb.

Strangely, we all ordered the Bear Market Burger, even though in fact, I could sense that each of us could have easily handled the Bull 1/2 pounder based on our appetites and sheer burger enthusiasm.

Verdict: For those that know me, and know my principles, I just can't take a burger very seriously if there's chopped lettuce. Royal Exchange's Blue Chip burgers are served with chopped lettuce, a limp tomato and some fixings that aren't really all that carefully placed. On top of all that, the bun was so plain-jane and it wasn't even toasted, not even for a second.

Need I say more?

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LUTTON said...

The gorzongola cheese fries are AWESOME!