Monday, September 03, 2007

Charcoal Broiler

3 September 2007-
Clarke's Charcoal Broiler: 615 West El Camino Real in Mountain View
Cost: $7.45 (bacon cheeseburger, fries extra)

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A former coworker, and fellow burger enthusiast, and native of the South Bay, once recommended I expand my burger horizons and survey Clarke's in the San Jose area. This leads me to inquire, what geographical boundaries actually define the Bay Area? Before pondering this question too long, I decided to appease my hunger sensations, and survey this burger joint, also considered to be a 'legendary' burger stand, withstanding the test of time, unchanged since they opened over 50 years ago.

There were also several generations of burger enthusiasts at Clarke's on this particular Labor Day Weekend. I wasn't quite sure whether it was coincidence or commonplace for this burger joint. It seemed there were several octogenarian or even nonagenarians in the mix, enjoying the moment and their burgers. The sight was an inspiration, to say the least.

Verdict: The presentation has much to be desired. Undoubtedly the burger stand has withstood the test of time; but one has to wonder whether the red plastic baskets which were served with the burgers have lasted equally as long. Also, how hygienic is the single layer of wax paper that separates these plastic baskets and the food?

However, I was quite fond of the smoky bacon and the charbroiled flavor from the grill, but desired a little more juices, since the patty itself was quite dry and overcooked.

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