Sunday, August 26, 2007

Burger Oasis

26 August 2007-
T-Rex Burger Garden: 1300 Tenth Street in Berkeley
Cost: $5.00 (cheeseburger, no fries available)

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Well I actually had intended on sampling the menu at the new Kava Massih T-Rex Restaurant, located in Berkeley's Gilman District but stumbled across this Burger Oasis / Garden in the parking lot. The setting and menu is quite minimal. In fact, the only thing they offer is a signature $5 dollar burger (tax included) with an option of Gruyere or Cheddar. They don't have fries, but they have chips, and an assortment of drinks, including beer!

In addition, the T-Rex Burger Garden offers entertainment amenities, comparable to some of the most prestigious frat houses on Piedmont Avenue. There's an unwarped table tennis table, with some decent, thick rubber paddles, a foosball table, a chess/checkers set, and a gravel, regulation-size bocce ball court reminiscent of a minimalist Japanese Zen Garden.

From my personal observation, it's a shame that this Oasis-of-a-Burger Venue hasn't picked up. The concept and architecture detailing is executed very tastefully, in a very Kava-esque manner. I'm beginning to suspect that the honorable firm has an affinity towards burgers, having also built the Nation's Burger on University Avenue in Berkeley (see 16 July 2006 review).

Speaking of taste, the burger's not bad. Over the past handful of times I've eaten there, I would state that the burger patty is consistently salty, but the execution of the preparation of condiments, garnish and special sauce, contribute to a very satisfying burger experience. I would recommend this venue to any burger enthusiast / architecture admirer / game lover in the area.

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