Friday, May 11, 2007

Italian Style Burger

11 May 2007-
Milano Restaurant: 3425 Grand Avenue in Oakland
Cost: $7.00 (bacon cheeseburger, fries included)

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I've always wanted to try Milano's burger which is written about in the local burger enthusiast's community. They only offer it in their lunch menu, which is on weekdays only. On an off-Friday from work, I decided to survey their burger.

As the name of the restaurant might suggest, Milano Restaurant is an Italian restaurant. Furthermore, the owner manages to create a very authentic, and cultural atmosphere, and this is reflected in his charming personality and the way he greets and acquaints guests.

The "Milano Burger" it turns out, is served on an Italian Baguette with Mozzarella and tomatoes and sauteed onions as the primary ingredients. There was no lettuce on this particular burger. I also requested the requisite bacon.

Verdict: The burger didn't look substantial, but the meal was surprisingly filling. The meat was very high quality, more like a ground steak than a typical burger patty. The mozzarella and tomato combination really added a very distinct quality of flavors for this quite unique burger experience.

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