Sunday, April 08, 2007

Ghetto Burger Fix

29 March 2007-
1/4 lb. Giant Burger: 22nd and Telegraph Avenue in Oakland
Cost: $4.95 (bacon cheeseburger, fries extra)

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It was the night after a big deadline at work, and I woke up past midnight jonesing for a burger. I drove over to the scary 1/4 lb. Giant Burger stand on 22nd and Telegraph. I've honestly never approached the place, it looks so ghetto in daylight, even more at night. It was open 24 hours, and I was hungry, so I thought I'd give it a try. The place is surprisingly well-lit at night, and does offer a safe-haven among the undeveloped, sparse urban land that surrounds it. It's really just a walk-up burger stand, with plenty of counter space at the window to chow down. I ordered their bacon cheeseburger and a strawberry shake.

The burger had a surprising amount of condiments, including ketchup and mustard with the mayo. I was expecting some ghetto mayo loaded on the burger, but the proportions of the mayo was pretty modest to my preference. The rest of the burger was pretty tasty. Nothing too extraordinary, but not bad tasting either.

When I finished, I realized that I found my new unpretentious, late night, local burger-fix - that tops the Berkeley Smokehouse in my book.

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