Wednesday, September 13, 2006

French Roll Bun

13 September 2006-
The Fly Trap Restaurant: 606 Folsom Street in San Francisco
Cost: $13.75 (bacon cheeseburger, fries included)

Image Source: blogger's own

It's been a pretty long hiatus since my last review. Ironically I had a couple of great opportunities to review some substantial burgers, but failed to bring along the necessary photo documentation equipment. Today, however, I was prepared. I joined a new coworker (fellow burger enthusiast) to The Fly Trap Restaurant; within a 2 block radius from my new work location (2 1/2 blocks away from my old work location).

The restaurant is pretty upscale. My friend refers to it as "experimental"; for example one of the entree's is Calf's Brains. Feeling pretty reserved, we both indulged in their cheeseburger; I however, requested the requisite bacon. As for grilling preference, I specified "medium-rare".

Verdict: We both agreed that the grilling preference is slightly overcooked per the grilling specification. For example, mine was more "medium than medium-rare" and my coworker's was more "medium-well than medium". We both also agreed that the fries were sensational, and very delicious. The "experimental" nature of the restaurant presented the burger with a delicious french roll and butter lettuce. Also, it didn't come with any condiments other than mustard on the side, which kind of threw me off. The fries were sensational, but the burger was a little too avant garde.

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