Friday, October 27, 2006

Quality Bread

27 October 2006-
Downtown Restaurant~: 2102 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley
Cost: $11.50 (niman ranch cheeseburger, fries included)
~ Honorable Mention

Image Source: blogger's own

I've had the burger at Downtown Restaurant in Berkeley a couple of years ago, and was anticipating a review for ages. The quality of food is up there with "Chez Panisse and Bay Wolf" according to the restaurant's website, but of course, I've only sampled their burgers. They've also got an impressive bar and a stage for live music. Today, I ordered just a cheeseburger, "medium-rare"; if I recall correctly the cheese was: "yech" (but I could be mistaken by the spelling).

Verdict: The experience of dining at Downtown is impeccable (for what it's worth, according to my own standards). The bread is truly sensational. I don't even believe it was toasted, but it was at a perfect consistency and chewiness. The quality of meat was great too. I think it was the best "niman-ranch" burger surveyed thus far. Everything about the meal was quality; highly recommended.

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Anonymous said...

Great job on the burger reviews and pics. Gawd, and I thought I ate a lot of burgers :)

jason "j"atbar